Megxit means Megxit

Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to ‘step down’ as ‘senior members’ of the British Royal Family, and split their time between the UK and Canada has come as a complete shock. No one has successfully managed to break up a powerful British group since Yoko Ono. 

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were both very upset when they first became aware of the announcement, mainly because he has spent the past 2 years thinking she was actually the housemaid, and he would now have to cook his own breakfast every morning. It didn’t take long for Mummy to change Harry and Meghan’s relationship status to “it’s complicated”. Awkward.

“One hasn’t heard swear words of that nature come out of Her Majesty’s mouth since that time she stood on one of Prince George’s pieces of Lego”.


Prince William phoned to say he’d “put his arm around his brother all of their lives, and now couldn’t anymore”. Well, of course he can’t; if he’s in Kensington Palace, and Harry’s in sodding Canada.

Understandably, it must be frustrating for Harry to be sixth in line to the throne, and a spare heir to his older brother, but with Prince William’s hairline situation, he needs all the help he can get.

William, Harry and I attended an emergency summit at Sandringham House in the presence of The Queen, and a period of transition was agreed for them to become the Duke and Duchess of Merch. It also didn’t take too long to finalise security details during their time in North America; an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle each like everyone else over there.

In the past few months, Prince Andrew has stopped ordering the Hot American from Pizza Express, although that’s not a bad thing considering, Zara Tindall has been banned from driving, and now this. We managed to sweep the Las Vegas naked scandal under the carpet by blaming it on Ed Sheeran, but this is a completely different situation.

At this current rate of departures, we’ll have to hold open auditions for new Royals. But when all is said and done, one thing is for certain; in 5 years time, this is going to be a cracking episode on The Crown. And at least Meghan will now be able to play herself.


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  1. Prince Charles you suck! You and your parents planned and made possible the death of Princess Diana ! Yes, you father Prince Philip is dead and gone and next your mother the Queen will die and have to answer to God for what she has done in her role of Princess Diana’s death , falsely blaming the paparazzi, it was a great plan ! But Charles and Camilla the toad, are also to blame and you best be asking forgiveness to God who is All-KNOWING !! You all should be ashamed for what you did to her . And you will answer to God the most high for it! I pray for you all to seek forgiveness and tell the public what you have done! You owe it to your sons and grandbabies for sure ! I pray for you all!!

  2. I think it’s very distasteful for a parent to low- grade their son and his wife because she’s a half – black American and Prince Charles, after you had your play into murdering your son’s mother, Princess Diana and what mental torment that you and your mother “the “Queen “ and your father “ the follower of the queen “ – and you’re “whore loving Camille “ who are YOU to say anything about Meghan Markel? Who are you to say anything about your own son(whether truly biologically yours or not, you raised him”) you should be ashamed of yourself for talking crap about us Americans in general because we did BEAT you in the war ? You need to get your head out of your ass thinking you will one day be king and even if you are, so WHAT? No one cares about Monarchy, anyways! You’re just a bunch of what we cal in reds anyway up until recently marrying cousins and whatnot to have a “royal bloodline” No one does that anymore except the British! You talk about our beloved Donald Trump like you’re somehow above him. He and his father are self made men! And the way you treated your own son that you raised whether he is biologically yours or not, Diana did no different than what you’ve done to her and she needed an outlet! I remember watching yall’s wedding when I was ten years of age and then found out you were still cheating with prune- faced Camilla and that Diana’s butt looked better than Camilla and you chose to KILL her and act like the paparazzi did it is insane! You , your father and mother ( “ the queen”) will ALL burn in hell for what you’ve done and I understand the many reasons Harry got out , but even if I were William , next in line, to a so called throne that should be diminished with anyway, if I were William and even his children I would denounce the kingdom of being any “royalty “ if I knew you all had my mother KILLED (Princess Diana ), get out and live my own lives! If y’all are so GREAT I would imagine that you have taught them enough morals as in “Stay faithful to GOD! Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if Jesus is standing there watching you “ their eternal souls & where they end up” Is more important than what type of clothing they’ll wear and how they are born into this world and it’s tradition , Harry and his wife are doing the best thing for themselves and their children! Being whatever in line to the heir of the throne is not the most important! I hope they are happy In Canada or the 🇺🇸 USA is the most important and apparently, they do not wish to be in your country . They should be free to live wherever they want to live and be happy! You and the Queen cannot dictate where they live and what they desire to do and that makes y’all angry! You should always be happy for them and their children ! You should love them regardless of what you think ! The people of the UK should NOT keep y’all up any longer! What do y’all do for your people ? Nothing! You live in all your palaces and the hard working people of the UK keep you up and y
    The UK should do away with any monarchy and the money they give should be distributed among the poor and the defenseless or disabled people ! Your country should have a prime minister and forget about the so called caring “monarchy” that does not care about its citizens! Rant over!!

  3. Hello

    For do a short story youre mother was adopted in place of my father and ElizabethII de-undertaked is father to burn is rest and burn her sister too to try to eraze all prouv of her adoption but with genetic sequancial it still be possible to prouv I am the King but I am tire to battle for that so good lock to Duchess of USA ElizabethII with her higher judge her own conscience.

  4. ouch i think common and royal mix like water and oil you have to add glycerin and pressure to combine them with a good stiring

  5. Wry good
    i hope Queen long life with helth and hapinas my allha blaesd she is nobil Queen

  6. I’m so sorry for you the Queen and William that this woman you welcomed has done this to your family. Sending much love and support your way!!

    • Your Royal Highness. I did not know you were this witty. This is actually funny if it weren’t so sad.

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