The Prince Charles Letters

One has been ordered by the nosey sods in the UK Supreme Court to publish one’s ‘black spider’ letters/memos regarding matters of the utmost concern sent to government ministers, world leaders, high-rank celebrities, and others.

One has no regrets acting as an advocate for one’s future subjects.

Here they are un-edited, and in full:

prince_charles_letters_  NHS

prince_charles_letters Tony Blair

prince_charles_letters_  Justin Bieber

prince_charles_letters Christmas

prince_charles_letters Simon Cowell

prince_charles_letters_  PPI

prince_charles_letters_ Mark Zuckerberg

prince_charles_letters  Bruce Forsyth

prince_charles_letters_ Ant and Dec

prince_charles_letters Scotland Referendum

prince_charles_letters Kim Jong un

prince_charles_letters_  President Putin

prince_charles_letters_ Meat Loaf

prince_charles_letters_ Ed Sheeran

prince_charles_letters_ Danny Boyle


Thank you for reading one’s personal letters, and sorry they aren’t as exciting as the mass media make them out to be. Thank goodness they’re not publicly releasing Prince Harry’s conversations on Snapchat.

Your Future King,


11 responses to “The Prince Charles Letters

  1. Honourable
    Good step your decision is final
    Long live Royal family

  2. If only the real Charles had such a great sense of humour. And in case this is the real one, erm, sorry guv…

  3. Julia Lategra

    Made me smile, right point, Thanks a lot
    dear Charles HRH 🙂
    Please, write something personal to me as well, i love your notes 😀
    So good to have your witty humor in this daily negativity, from hateful parties.
    I am very much appreciate your attentiveness, its the best quality for a great King. Even God said this in the Bible. So, from my side, i will ask God to help you, ❤
    Julia, Tiger of Los Angeles 🙂

  4. Of course, When someone recurring me to baptism. I feel my experience like a father, it’s not the son Jesus. My netural Holy Spirit with my heart didn’t read much about Bible or church study. That’s why I write a story from my grand grandfather genetic factor to me drive this world forward in last 6 years as a President.

  5. Duke of Ulster

    Your Royal Highness (of Twitter)

    You may need to make the (Fictional) bit at the top a bit bigger – some people think you are serious 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Sir,
    One was not expecting letters that are so personal and honest . Well done, very brave and perhaps in the future one can look forward to reading more views of the new all Blue governing power.

  7. Thoroughly enlightened reading. Nice to see Charlie has his finger on the pulse of world affairs. I do hope Father Christmas leaves his request in the chimney as having him for King would be a disaster.

  8. I like your sense of humour Sir. Very funny…

  9. Sir,

    These letters suggest that one has a good sense of humour and people should allow you some purely honest breathing space instead of taking everything as gospel. Glad to see you are human.

    Regards and Respectfully Peter Bourne

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