One’s Literary agent

Dame Ariella Feiner (


For all publicity enquiries, please contact one’s publicists:

Dame Frances Gough (

Dame Katie Bradburn (


Contact your Future King

Please complete the form below for all general enquiries regarding one’s website, Twitter, Facebook or Prince Harry’s hand in marriage.

One will reply via Royal e-Mail, which could take up to 6 years.

22 responses to “Contact


  2. Hello
    Can you contact me 3365645335

  3. J’aimerai visité ton pays

  4. J’aimerais bien vous félicitatez

  5. Destiny L Rhoades

    Get out Charles your a fake!

  6. Well iv had mental health cpn in my life for 10 years about and the title has always been prince harry my metal plates voices science and war along side true love i had fallen in love with the prince in my head with a method of madness the guys the love the time and also the vertal reality to fit the gamer prince Harry’s obessetion his own personalised game of true love to fit his profile scedual the time keeper s secrets how does it fit the same as my preferred men my actions reactions and my method of patterns a thourt my personalised thourt patterns of players of my own life like a flash forward titled as a fav movey the condition at home was like a library a hobby a political chain reaction to what can be named carma is what I live and thrive my actions off with a stage at times in my glass windowed living room as a monstrous monster I can detain my self into in the rooms called monster box’s the best on in town mine I recemended my was in the country I then fall back and my cpn track me dawn in a word game what came out there mouths making sense of why they are around they turn a head into a one recall quest is to identify there decision they made to define there databases on what I am me for to finish the system of what distroyed and made love within it to stand away was to bring into hospital again but where do I stand to stay in love and not move foraway with it after all I am the world’s system of love what will carry out loves cycles of love and then Henry prince harry goes and supports the mental health and marrys a black women what am I supposed to think

  7. Hi Charles brother suckle budget

  8. Nicholas Longaberger


  9. My kiddos going to kill me for that remark. Noooooooo

  10. Hi marykay oliver miller wooster. Hi again to the future king

  11. MaryKay Oliver miller

    Mkmiller checking in 11369 1300P hello I do not want to die for Ramona pottssssssss

  12. g dphilthen drink markle bllod stupi pig

  13. My Dear Sir,
    I speak from my home and my heart to you. Let me say I hope you are enjoying as much as mine and kept honour of holly daughter will born. I will pray for you, for love, for God, Christ, Lord. I wish you success. With love, Vira

  14. Wouldn’t it be great if Her Majesty emulated her Father’s GC to Malta and awarded an Elizabeth medal to her own great heroic generation of WW2 civilians in recognition of their sacrifice in winning the war.?

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