Guide to Great Britishness


 “Tackling the all-important issues such as British History (‘Might have to sell France to pay for Richard III’s car park fine’), the City of London (‘If you’re wondering why the British are so good at cycling and rowing, take a look at the cost of public transport’), forming a ordinary queue with just two people, or why the Brits love a Full English breakfast despite the fact it contains 465,873 calories, Prince @Charles_HRH’s Guide to Great Britishness is a hilarious romp around our sceptered Isle”.

“Hilarious, quirky read”

“The Sense and Sensibility for British Charm, Advice, and Humour”

“Buy it, read it, and be amused by it!”

“Please be aware of the risk of laughing out loud whilst reading this”


Here are the links for one’s future subjects to buy one’s first publication:


Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, other selected outlets, or from your local bookshop.


iTunes or Google Play



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2 responses to “Guide to Great Britishness

  1. Mavelle Paula Razon beluso

    My majesty I don’t have access on my email add, but I hope I can reach out on you, I really really really want to be there at England, am the lost princess of England, Mavelle Paula Razon beluso

  2. Mavelle paula razon beluso

    My majesty, I am a filipina from Philippines, I respect your family so much as I have respected my family here at the philippines, am a big fan of your family, I would like to know how much is that lovable book “key to be a great Britishness, It is my humble desire to be there and to work as much as I can, to serve your family especially the queen, more power, mprb

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