Royal Baby Bump

Just over a month until the arrival of the Royal baby, which one can confirm has been growing faster than the economy.

Kate is beside herself with excitement. Says she “always knew her Prince would come”. One didn’t ask her to divulge. Thankfully she’s fully recovered from the extreme morning sickness. Prince Harry did offer to help as morning sickness is often treated with ginger, but that weren’t necessary.

Michael and Carole Middleton are overjoyed that their genes will be contributing to the future of the monarchy. How lovely. They’ve started thinking of potential names, although “Chardonnay” for a girl and “Rodney” for a boy hardly seem appropriate.

Bookmakers have been taking bets on what the baby will be called. One’s placed £500 on ‘Your Royal Highness’, which apparently is a clear favourite.

There has been a lot of speculation recently on the baby’s gender. One can confirm that it’ll most definitely be a boy or a girl. The world will find out soon enough because the poor baby won’t be out of the media from the moment it’s born. Besides, who sodding cares what it is, as long as it’s healthy?

One simply cannot wait to welcome the Prince or Princess into the family. Camilla has been busily knitting baby clothes like they’re going out of fashion. The last thing one needs is another naked Royal in the tabloids.


10 responses to “Royal Baby Bump

  1. As I may have already made this comment, do excuse me,elderly amnesia. I do feel a return to the ancient names would be appropriate. Ethelred for a prince perhaps, and maybe Mathilda for a princess? Such lovely names seem to be out of fashion, perhaps you could reintroduce them Sir?

  2. Marvellous international comments! Although I favour Darren if its a boy, and Roxy if its a girl! Perfect for the future Sun headlines! Sir, may I say that yourself and Camilla will make delightful grandparents! Will you be on babysitting duties on Saturday night?

  3. It’s a Girl !!!

  4. Diana if a girl definately

  5. “Should be a Baby Boy! Nice name for a future King! Prince Rodney! Lovely name! ”

    Oh bless…

  6. Good coice of name, girl! 🙂

  7. Top notch as always! Keep it up, mate! ‘Growing faster than the economy…’ LOLOLOL! Now, that’s a certified classic!

  8. Should be a Baby Boy! Nice name for a future King! Prince Rodney! Lovely name! God Bless the Queen and the Future King of England! Long life to the Monarky! This is one of the Best Monarky in all Europe!

  9. …mother beautiful, father pretty nice, then will get the child pretty nice beautiful…mostly *_+

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