One’s letter to Kim Jong-un

Dearest Leader of North Korea,

This is a letter from someone who is deeply concerned about your recent actions.

One can understand the frustration that your career has taken a downward spiral since appearing in The Hangover films. It surely isn’t helping your already deflated self-esteem that the South Korean, PSY, has taken over the YouTube charts, and launched a totally-idiotic new dance phenomenon.

It has come as a bit of a surprise to many that you’re aiming your anger towards the United States of America, and not your own personal hairdresser. One hopes this has nothing to do with the fact that Justin Bieber has excluded North Korea from his recent tour. To be honest, you wouldn’t be missing much.

World War III is the last thing we need, especially when the current economy simply cannot afford it. It seems you’ve been playing Call of Duty far too long.

If you continue to sod around, then one will have no other option but to send in Team America. Be warned.

Go home, Kim Jong-un. You’re drunk.


~Charles_HRH~ (Future King)

4 responses to “One’s letter to Kim Jong-un

  1. perhaps that is why the East is kept so very Far

    • That’s telling him! Who needs a Blair when we have Email and Twitter. War of the wor(l)ds! Better than Guns. Careful out there, we’re watching!

  2. For Queen, the Future King, and country.

  3. I hope Jong-un Kim understands your English letter cos the people from the Far East doesn’t simply enjoy English flowery saying. We take word for word.

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