One’s letter to Prince Louis

Dear Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge,

Kate (your mummy) was expecting a very long labour process. Judging by one’s own experience, it normally takes 68+ years before the crowning begins, but you were delivered in no time at all. With your birth, Prince William (your daddy) has become a father for the third time. He needs all the heir he can get.

By being born Royal you’ve automatically qualified for certain perks of the job which includes fabulous wealth, privileged lifestyle, a university placement and free unlimited downloads from iTunes. Soon you’ll also be given your very own silver spoon. There are many silver spoons like it, but this one is ours.

As the youngest member of the family, you will receive obligatory hand-me-downs from Prince George (your big brother), like his collection of 12th Century suits of armour, and the county of Cambridge.

Your arrival has bumped Prince Harry (your uncle) down to 6th place in the Royal succession list, but one is certain we can avoid a ‘Lion King situation’. However, Princess Charlotte (your slightly bigger sister) has become the first female Royal not to lose her place in the line of succession to a younger male heir (you). Unlucky.

Love always,

Grandpa ~Charles_HRH~ (Future King)



5 responses to “One’s letter to Prince Louis

  1. wow That was a great read, well done.

  2. Hello every body.
    The true is my father was the King and now Is dead I am the King of UK because my father had the same dad and mother than ElizabethII. It is the reason the dna of these persons are not public.
    The Buckingam Palace never anwser these question with genetics prouves and put me and my life in the waste.
    Jean-Marc Bouvier

  3. Be Blessed, Little Prince. Love to you and your family.

  4. Very amusing and a tad intimidating to a new born
    he will need a good sense of humor. It will fun to see who you become.

  5. To HRH Prince Charles,
    Born French and yet still member of this wonderfull country, I wonder if my family has not some of your Royal bloodline as all of Prince Louis names are same as many of my close relatives. Gran fathers Louis & Charles, uncle Georges, aunty Charlotte and dad Arthur ! Sorry I miss my own : Jean-Louis.
    May I present your HRH and His happy parents my respectfull congratulations.
    Jean- Louis Arnault
    You will please excuse my possible missing of the proper etiquette and English for this address.

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