Doctor Who and the Daleks

Royal visit to Wales. One initally thought one was visiting a little town called Llanthwgcyrigabreth before realising the tour guide had a hair in his mouth. 

Popped onto the set of Doctor Who. It seems that the NHS cutbacks are so severe that his office is inside an old phone box. Poor sod. Camilla showed him her 6 inch inflatable Tardis that she received last Christmas. It takes approximately 3 weeks to blow it up, which is handy, as Mr Cameron is often full of hot air.

Doctor Who

The Doctor offered one the opportunity to test his Sonic Screwdriver, which unfortunately turned out not to be an alcoholic cocktail.

One met some of the monsters from the show including staff from the BBC. Camilla does a wonderful impersonation of a Dalek, particularly the morning after the night before when she’s exterminating a full English breakfast. Her voice is almost identical, before she’s even started. “ABDICATE! ABDICATE!”    At least one thinks that’s what they’re saying.

To confirm: one is not the new Doctor Who, although seriously considering it.


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