New Year, New Beginnings

First and foremost, welcome to one’s official online residence. Royal engineers have been working around the clock like blue arsed flies to give your Future King a place to share thoughts and opinions.

January has been a busy start to the year 2013.

Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan. Fully clothed, with his crown jewels safely hidden.

Mr Cameron is holding an EU referendum which will consist of 3 options. In, Out and Shake It All About.

Text from Mr Cameron: “I can’t live, if living is without EU”.

David Beckham has decided to play football in France. (Lord knows why, he can barely speak English let alone French). He’s donating five months wages to the starving and malnourished, which is lovely, putting his wife before himself.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands phoned to say she’s announcing her abdication on TV in favour of her son. Tried to explain to Mother the meaning of the word ‘abdication’. Not entirely sure she understood, even after one had packed her suitcase into the Bentley.


5 responses to “New Year, New Beginnings

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