The Prince of Hearts

The dream of becoming a Princess is alive and well for many husband-hunters as Prince Harry has been named the world’s most eligible bachelor.

Place your bids now. (Not accepting Euros)

One lucky person will receive a washed, shaved and oiled Harry.



 Name: Prince Harry

Date of Birth: 15th September 1984 

Occupation: Apache co-pilot/gunner

Likes: Fancy Dress, Nature, Las Vegas, Call of Duty.

Dislikes: Journalists, Photography.


“I’m a fun loving person who occasionally lets his hair down (and trousers). Just returned back from Afghanistan, where I’m known as ‘Private Bits’. If you’re nice to me, I might let you ride my chopper”.


Highest Bidder



4 responses to “The Prince of Hearts

  1. I adore them together!

  2. Stop giving your dad a hard time

  3. Honorable
    Excelancy, i hope you will dane batter earth’s Royal community.

  4. Your chopper is broken sooo I would be afraid to drive that!!!!

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