Pope Idol

Pope Benedict XVI has officially given up religion for Lent. One can confirm that his resignation has nothing to do with the rumour that the body of Christ was found in a ready meal.

In the past month, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the Pope have both stepped down to give someone else a chance. How very thoughtful.

The Catholic Church phoned to ask one’s advice on choosing Pope Benedict’s replacement. One suggested a voting system like ‘Pope Idol’ or ‘I’m a Cardinal, Get Me Out of Here’. Not entirely sure they’re keen on the idea, as most of the contestants wouldn’t make it past the second round. Literally.

Jotted down a quick list:

Potential Popes:

  1. A Catholic male, aged 65+
  2. Ricky Gervais
  3. Sir Paul McCartney
  4. Mel Gibson
  5. Bono
  6. Richard Dawkins
  7. Louis Spence
  8. Abolish the Catholic Church

The economy must be bad, even God’s making people redundant.


5 responses to “Pope Idol

  1. I can under a outline of your passage,but I can’t understand every sentence.

  2. THE Stig als pope!

  3. Pope Berlisconi for me

  4. I guess the Pope Mobile will be on Ebay next¬


    I prefer a virtual pope! we woudn’t know but his mail address! fine!

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